Tentang Nadya

Aku adalah isteri kepada MOHD HAMIZIE, dan bakal IBU kepada anakku.. Anak kepada En Abd Rahim dan Pn Norma, kakak kepada Mohd Nurhalif Syafiq dan Nur Yasmin Hidayah, adik kepada Mohd Nifsan, cucu kepada Yusoph dan Meriam...dan selebihnya..masih mencari 'family tree' keluarga aku..hehehe..

Boy Or Gurl Test!!

Baby gender predictor - boy or girl?

Boy or girlBoy or girl? It's the question everyone wants to know the answer to. You may have heard of all the old wives' tales, or tried gender prediction methods that involve odd and even days and the numbers of the year. They're fun but they don't have the facts to back them up. We've looked at the scientific studies into what influences the sex of a baby. We've rounded up the most useful and used them to create our gender predictor.

Please note: while this tool is based on the available science, many of the studies are very small scale and they all show only slight changes in the likelihood of having a boy or girl. Also, some studies carry more weight than others, so your result may say one sex, even though more of your answers point to the other. Finally, whatever result you get, treat it with caution. And hold off painting the nursery blue or pink just yet!

Thank you for taking the quiz! Here are your results:

You have -4 correct answers.

It may be a boy!

Based on your answers, the research suggests that you are slightly more likely to have a boy!

Are you over 35?

  • Yes
  • This answer suggests it could be either a boy or a girl

  • EXPLANATION: There is some evidence that the older you are when you conceive your baby, the more likely you are to have a girl. The sex of the baby is partly controlled by the level of the hormone gonadotropin, and this declines with age.

Were you living with the father of your baby when you conceived?

  • This answer suggests it could be a boy

  • No

  • EXPLANATION: One very large study of 86,000 people shows a figure of 51.5 per cent male births for those living with a spouse or partner before the child's conception or birth, and 49.9 per cent male births reported by respondents who were not.

Is the father of your baby over 40?

  • Yes
  • This answer suggests it could be a boy or a girl

  • EXPLANATION: It seems that the older a dad is the less likely the male sperm are to fertilise the egg and the female sperm win the race. The latest evidence is that the quality of sperm does deteriorate with age and older men produce fewer male sperm.

How many children do you already have?

  • This answer suggests it could be a boy or a girl

  • One
  • Two or more

  • EXPLANATION: The research here shows that the more children you have, the more likely you are to have a girl. This may be linked to the fact that the more pregnancies you have, the higher your levels of the hormone gonadotropin. This seems to be linked to a higher chance of having a girl.

Were you eating a high or low calorie diet when you became pregnant?

  • High
  • This answer suggests either a boy or a girl

  • Low

  • EXPLANATION: A study divided 740 British women into groups according to their calorie intake. 56 per cent of the women who had the highest energy intake had boys. 45 per cent of the women who had the lowest energy intake had boys. The average calorie intake for women who had boys was 2,413. The average calorie intake for women who had girls was 2,283. It has been suggested that our bodies only invest in boys (who are more fragile and statistically less likely to survive) when food is abundant. In times of famine or low food production we "play safe" with more robust girls. Remember, whether you're having a boy or a girl, a healthy diet is very important before and during pregnancy.

Does the father of your baby work in any of these occupations: airline pilot, deep sea diver, submariner, timber mill worker, flour mill worker?

  • Yes
  • This answer suggests either a boy or a girl

  • EXPLANATION: Some studies have looked at the father's occupation and the ratio of boys and girls. Occupations that involve stress or pollutants seem to lead to more girls. But these are small-scale studies that have only looked at certain occupations.

Were you under stress before you became pregnant?

  • This answer suggests it could be a boy

  • No

  • EXPLANATION: We know more boys are born at times of stress, such as after wars, and research carried out so far seems to confirm this. One theory is that the mother's high stress levels lead to increases in both testosterone and cortisol. This may lead to changes in the egg, which makes it easier for male sperm to penetrate. Just how this happens no one is sure, but there is much mystery still about the moment of conception.

Did you conceive after having your ovulation induced hormonally?

  • This answer suggests it could be a girl

  • No

  • EXPLANATION: Studies carried out among women who used hormones, such as Clomid, to induce ovulation show that you are slightly more likely to have a girl if artificial hormones are involved.

In your pregnancy, have you suffered from severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum)?

  • This answer suggests either a boy or a girl

  • Yes, I had no treatment or was treated at home
  • Yes, I was admitted to hospital for treatment


Were you born in a tropical climate and living in a tropical climate when you conceived? (Only answer yes if the answer is yes to both parts.)

  • Yes
  • This answer suggests it could be either a boy or a girl

  • EXPLANATION: A global survey of birth data showed that more girls are born in the tropics than anywhere else in the world. Scientists are not sure why. One possible theory is that it is the effect of the hormone melatonin, which has been shown to cause changes in the reproductive systems of animals in response to the length of the day. More females are born when the days are longer. Or it could be that high temperature alters the survival of male or female sperm in semen.

Chapter 3 - Buat BUKU IBU MENGANDUNG..
Sebenarnya, aku mmg takde info lansung pasal ibu mengandung ni maklum la bb 1st, pe prosedur dia, pe aku kena buat..pening jugak kepala..nk tau kenapa aku kena buat mcm ni, kena buat mcm tu..yela,at least kena tau sebabnya...

So, for the next step..selepas aku confirm preggy dgn Doc, aku pun dinasihatkan oleh rakan-rakan & ibu-ibu yg mmg dh berpengalaman kat luar sana tu, tak lupa jugak kakak ipar aku ( kak ma), hehehe...aku kena pergi buat BUKU IBU MENGANDUNG...ntah mcm mana rupa pun aku tak tau..hehehe...yg aku tau dorg cakap kaler PINK??hehehe..

Sebelum aku pergi klinik tu, dh macam2 la dorg cite, kena bawak sijil nikah & IC, pastu get ready tuk amik darah, test air kencing..aku pun tk bleh nk imaging camne keadaannya..

Nak dijadikan crita, 24hb Jan bru ni aku pun drive la my little cute VIVA in black tu ke klinik Kesihatan Ibu & Anak, Tanah Merah, kat sini la tempat yg bakal aku kunjungi hari2 yang mendatang..hehehe..mintak2 semua ok laa..(tak suka g klinik)...

Aku pun register laa, mula2 nurse tu pun isi laa maklumat diri aku & my hubby kat buku pink tu, pastu dah settle kat ctu..aku kena amik darah..jeng..jeng...ni part yg lemah skit..aku pun pergi laaa kt bhgn amik darah..nurse yg ke-2 tu tgah sediakan peralatan, aku ingatkan nurse nk amik darah kt HUJUNG JARI je wt spesimen...skali aku tgok 1 TIUB PICAGARI tu..waaalllaaweeiiiii...huhuhuhu..chuak jgak..sakit woo..dh la jarum dia besar...eee...saya takut jarum..tapi terpaksa jgak...dah nama 'ibu mengandung'..aku pasrah..hehehe..

Then, aku ke bahagian ujian air kencing, aku pun tak tau tuk ape, cuma aku tau, pakcik tu cakap...

"Dik kencing dalam botol ni, pah wak maghi sini"
"pahtu, smula2 gak kalu mari gak bowok la botol ni, spital tok bui doh pah ni"
"kena sipe molek,ado tulis no dah, jange bui hile"..haaa..camtu la lebih kurang pakcik attendent tu cakap kat aku..pastu dia suh aku jupe nurse...

Aku pergi la jupe nurse, yang kelakarnya, aku salah bilik..pi msuk blik Doc..hahaha..tak malu pun..coz aku mmg muka tak malu..hehe..aku masuk bilik nurse ke-3, yg ni nurse check berat aku..

"awok naik sini, ok berat awok 53kg"..(wahhh..berat aku bertambah 3 kilo,huhuhuhu)
"Tinggi awok 153 cm, pah adik g baring kat ats katil tu"

Nurse pun check la leher aku..then my B....T..so far tkde masalah..cuma sedang mengalami pembesaran..mmg sakit la kt ctu..Pastu dia juz tulis pe ubat yg aku kena makan..aduss,byak step tol..

Kat bhagian farmasi, dia bagi aku 4 jenis vitamin yg aku kena makan..for the last, aku kena g kt kaunter last, nurse cakap 'AMBIL MASA'??APE TU??aku blurr..nak amik masa tuk smua tempoh aku kat sini ke??..tak tau pe mksud nurse tu..n tak paham la istilah2 klinik ni..aku tebalkan muka tnye nurse tu, nurse tu tunjuk..ooooo..rupanya aku kena set masa for the 2nd APPOINMENT..hahahaha...

Aku pun amik tarikh 22hb Feb ni jam 3 ptg..aku kena datang lagi kt klinik ni..huhuhu..settle la tuk arini..tunggu next month plak...gud luck...

2 B CONT...
Chapter 2...
Test sendiri!!

Continued my journey.....

13hb Jan baru ni aku ngn my hubby pergi check kt Klinik Pakar Noriah..to confirm my pregnancy..waahh..excited+seram+takut+tak konfiden+betul ke aku nk jadi IBU??MAMA??MUMMY??panggilan yg bakal merubahkan hidupku sebagai seorg wanita, mampukah aku menghadapinya??..ntah laa,dilema wanita tol..hehehe..bile check sendri tau pregnant..mcm2 dalam kepala ni duk pikir..ntah ape2..tp yg penting, my hubby sentiasa ada disisi memberi sokongan moral n fizikal..tu pun dh kire bersyukur..thanks to my lovely hubby..i love u so much..

5 weeks 5 days

Ni la hasilnya bila aku dah p klinik pakar dgn my hubby..best je rase..ingtkan my hubby takut nk masuk..maklum laa..dia kl hal2 hospital, klinik,mmg penakut nampak je brutal tk ingt..my hubby msuk n tgok Doc tgah scan my tummy..tp kecik je,mcm tak percaya 5 weeks 5 days..it's my baby??..GUD NEWS..ni la gmbo scan my 1st baby..wish me luck..hope everythings gonna b okay...chayuk2..
CROCS Shoes...
Ayakkksss..dah dtg balik penyakit aku...shoppe lgi..kali ni disebabkan sandal Scholl aku dh semakin hari semakin 'old school'..hehehe..(alasan je)...aku pun usha la blog kt tenet ni..tiba-tiba...

Mata ku terpndang la satu sandal brand Crocs ni..dekat blog 'Original Cute CROCS'...aku dh add pun dlm blog aku..as my shoppe blog...harga dia pun not bad laa..pendek kata mampu n berbaloi laa..memandangkan aku mmg tk nk beli kasut yg skema2..gpun keje duk mkmal je...so, aku konpius..nk amik antara color mna yg cnteq...kl bleh..nk order tuk bulan depan..tu pun kl ready stok..ermmmm..cmne yeaa???Which 1??senang nk match baju...

Ni kaler Dark Brown..mcm ok??

Yg ni kaler Black...dh biase sgt kann..

Yg ni kaler terang skit..still nice!!

So, yg mana yea lgi lawa????
Order Ronasutra Mineral Powder
RONASUTRA mineral powder...

Ni online shoppe aku for dis month..ntah rse gatal2 tangan order mineral powder ni..gpun dh lma tk beli produk kecantikan..bedak compact aku pun dah nk habis...so,usha ngn online shopping blogger aku..(sape2 nk tumpang shopping, tgok la kt 'nadya shopping'...tuk brang baby..tgok kt 'baby shopping')...

So, far bedak ni ok laa,soft n tak rse bertempek2..order dlm 3 hari dh smpai..aku order color 'natural buff'..snang nk match ngn kaler kulit..n bedak ni tahan lma tuk muka yg berminyak...so,tk nmpak la kilat2 kt muka tu...hehehehehe..

Lagi satu barang tak sampai..ni aku order dgn 'nurin lens'...order geo contact lens..yg diff nye..contact lens ni besar n femes kt korea..harga pun berpatutan..so, nk tgok..tunggggguuu..mayb mid Feb sampai....

Chapter 1-My new journey r beginsss...

Lama tak ber'blog, masuk tahun 2010, everythings gonna be new...hehehe..termasuklaa my life...ape2 pun..aku nk ucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru kpd smua rakan2 ku...harap tahun ni menjadi tahun yg gilang gemilang...n murah rezki aku ngn hubby...semoga pe yang kami plan menjadi kenyataan dan mendapat keberkatan...Ammminnnnn..

tak sedar dah preggy

Actually, aku mmg da Gud News, tuk diri aku, tuk my family, tuk
my inlaw family & exspecially for My luvly Hubby...for this month, aku dah lewat dtg period..10 hari!!!biase period aku mmg sama je tarikh tiap2 bulan..but dis month..tak dtg2...pelik tp benar!!

Nak dijadikan crita, aku dgn bangganya igt tarikh period aku suppose to be 12hb Jan 2010..tpi smlm i'm not felling very well...mmg mata berpinar kepala pening giler...aku igtkan aku lapar coz aku mmg jnis tk makan nasi..then aku p la mkn kt kantin dgn cikgu2...lepas mkn je aku rase loya tekak...but ok lagi..aku wt tk tau je..then i told my hubby nape hari ni pening sgt, smpai tak bleh nak wt keje...n my hubby jwb..takkan dh pregnant kot??then aku terus tringat..haah laaa...wallaaaweiiii...

Lepas tu aku balik, tido...tp tk bleh tido, aku tak puas hati dgn tarikh period aku...then aku cepat2 kol Jue (kawan JTK aku, coz ktorg period sama tarikh msa kt PD)...Jue ckp dia bru lepas 2 hari period..jeng...jeng..jeng..

Aku usha tgok kalender period aku lak..SAH!!Mmg aku period spatutnye 2-3hb Jan...sudahhh...
aku kol hubby suh beli pregnancy test..

So, bile test...2 line, +ve laa...hehehehehehe..aku nurves gle...n takut n sronok pn ada...mcm2 kt kepala ni...then pgi tadi aku test tuk confirm, coz pagi2 urin kte bersih dri sgala mkanan..so, +ve jgak!!!

Pe2 pun, aku ngn hubby nk g klinik arini..tuk lebih konpem..nanti bleh la aku Announce ble dah konpem..pe2 pun..tunggu keputusannya...hehehehe..Wish Me Luck....Mom want to be....

2 b continued......